General physics I: projectiles motion with Arduino and servo


For General physics I final, we were asked to prepare a simple physical experiment: in particular, we dealt with the study of projectiles’s motion. I developed a simple circuit that makes you able to handle the firing angle with high precision, using a servomotor connected to a little cannon. In this way, it’s simple to study how the projectile’s motion changes varying the firing angle.

In order to realize the circuit, you just need a servomotor, a LCD display (optional) and, obviously, Arduino. Read this post to know how to wire up the display; then, connect the servomotor to one Arduino digital pin (I used pin number 7)

The source code (you can find it here), takes the angle value in input from serial, updates the display and make the servomotor move.

IMG_20141219_122123 IMG_20141215_105034

IMG_20141218_145533Stay tuned!