Expeditus: first little tech demo

Hi guys!

Finally I am here again with a new update about Expeditus.

Dialogues system is completed: it reads texts from binary files, typing machine-like animation can be used (it shows one character at a time), it can show a single or a series of dialogues, and can ask the user to answer YES or NO to eventual questions.

After a first introduction, there is a very little demo that shows the NPC patterns feature: the small red rectangle starts to move around, following the same pattern, until you catch it.

At the end of this post you can find a screenshot of the game.

Here you can find the executable game with all the needed libraries; if you want to get the source code, go to the repository.

Stay tuned!


Expeditus: dialogues’s system

Even if it’s quite slow and there are some difficulties, Expeditus project’s developing is going on. Dialogue’s system is ready, but it is not possible yet to give answer (like a simple YES/NO): this feature will be soon implemented.

At the end of this post, a gif image shows Expeditus dialogue’s system in action. It is a little tribute to Pokémon Gold Version, from which I took the introduction dialogue by Prof. Oak.

If you want more frequent and detailed information, please follow the official repository.

Update: a little animated cursor is now present at the bottom-right corner.

Stay tuned!

New Project: Expeditus

Hello everybody!

Today I want to talk about a new project I am currently working on: Expeditus. This title is latin for quick, armed, ready.

It is a small 2D adventure videogame, with a bird’s-eye view style like Pokémon. Fundamental is the trading-card system: the player will be able to collect and use cards in order to perform every action.

There are four classes of cards:

object_cardObject cards: they represent an object that can be used by the player, like a potion or a dress;

utility_cardUtility cards: they represent utilites and tools that can be used by the player, like the ability to quickly travel to any point of the map.

battle_cardBattle cards: they represents attacks or defense that can be performed by the player during battles;

special_cardSpecial cards: they are rare and powerful cards, that give a great advantage to the player.

Further details on the game will be shared as soon as possible.

I want to highlight that my aim is not to produce a great videogame, trying to compete with other games, obtain a lot of downloads, nor sales. The major aim of Expeditus is to give me a place where I can experiment, improving my programming skills.

In fact, I will not use external libraries (as far as possible), but I will write myself all the code. I am using C++ programming language, and Lua for cards’s scripting.

A public repository on bitbucket.org will be available soon: you will able to view and download Expeditus source code.

Stay tuned!

Update: Repository is now online!