New Project: Expeditus

Hello everybody!

Today I want to talk about a new project I am currently working on: Expeditus. This title is latin for quick, armed, ready.

It is a small 2D adventure videogame, with a bird’s-eye view style like Pokémon. Fundamental is the trading-card system: the player will be able to collect and use cards in order to perform every action.

There are four classes of cards:

object_cardObject cards: they represent an object that can be used by the player, like a potion or a dress;

utility_cardUtility cards: they represent utilites and tools that can be used by the player, like the ability to quickly travel to any point of the map.

battle_cardBattle cards: they represents attacks or defense that can be performed by the player during battles;

special_cardSpecial cards: they are rare and powerful cards, that give a great advantage to the player.

Further details on the game will be shared as soon as possible.

I want to highlight that my aim is not to produce a great videogame, trying to compete with other games, obtain a lot of downloads, nor sales. The major aim of Expeditus is to give me a place where I can experiment, improving my programming skills.

In fact, I will not use external libraries (as far as possible), but I will write myself all the code. I am using C++ programming language, and Lua for cards’s scripting.

A public repository on will be available soon: you will able to view and download Expeditus source code.

Stay tuned!

Update: Repository is now online!


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