KnockBox – (4) Final

Finally, here is the last post about KnockBox project. Today I am going to create the box that will contain the whole system, and take the pieces together. Make sure to follow all the steps: you can find them in the menu on the top of page under the voice “Projects > KnockBox”.

Let’s start: first of all find a box large enough to contain Arduino and every other component – you can reduce the needed space programming a chip (like ATMega328P) and soldering everything on a protoboard, creating a standalone (for further information, see here).

I bought my box from Leroy Merlin for the price of €2.50.

Pay attention: the box’s lid must not be totally straight, but it needs a vertical component, as mine does.

Make three holes for LEDs, three for push buttons and one for the switch. See the pictures. Now, make another hole on the, and then smooth the area next to it inside the box, so the servo’s flap has enough space to move. The servo motor will move in there and prevent the box from opening. While making holes, try to be more precise than me. It was the first time I had a drill in my hands.

Here are some photos taken during the making of the project:

100_2781 100_2780100_2744


Finally, insert Arduino (or chip) and components inside the box. Fix the piezo sensor at the centre of the lid and the servo motor in correspondence of the last hole.

Congratulations, your KnockBox is ready to take care of your secrets!

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Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “KnockBox – (4) Final

  1. Is there any chance you could put up a breadboard layout diagram. I really want to have a go at this project as it is just what I’m looking for, but I’m new to all this and struggle with the circuit diagram.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Shaun, sorry if I did not answered before. Here ( you can find a picture of my breadboard layout, but I have to tell you that I really needed to make it as fast as possible, so it can be difficult to understand: moreover, some pieces (like servo and leds) are completely inserted into the box. Sorry I cannot help you better 🙂


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