How to – LCD custom characters

In the last post we have learnt how to interface Arduino with a LCD. Now, we are going to learn how it is possibile to create custom characters, and to show them on the display.

Every cell in which the display is divided is formed by a grid of 5×8 pixels (5 columns and 8 rows). Through code, you can create new custom characters, working directly on these pixels. For example, the “omega” character (Ω) can be divided in pixels like this:

LCD custom character

As you can see, the character is described by an array of 8 byte, that represent rows: every byte contains the information about columns. “1” means pixel is on, “0” pixel is off.

For bigger characters, that do not fit in the 5×8 grid, you can use two or more custom character together.

This is a simple sketch that shows how to create and print custom characters. It uses  createChar() function in LiquidCrystal library.

LCD display custom character

Stay tuned!



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