Here I am again, this time with a Memory-like game. A series of led lights randomly, and the player has to reproduce the exact sequence; then, it will proceed to the next level. It’s a simply idea: let’s go to practice.

Memory - componentsThis time we need:

  • three led;
  • a RGB led (a led that can change its color);
  • three buttons;
  • six 220 ohm resistances and three 10k ohm resistances.

The circuit is full of wires, but don’t worry: you just have to link every component to the ground and to the digital pins of Arduino. Here’s the scheme:


Now, the software. We need a sketch that will generate a random sequence, light the leds, and receive input from the player though the buttons. If the sequence is right, the RGB led lights in green, and it will go to the next level. Otherwise, the RGB led lights in red, and the same sequence is reproduced.

This is my implementation.

The finished circuit should look like this:

Memory final

Enjoy yourself. Stay tuned!



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