Morse translator

In order to start my journey, I am going to begin with a Morse code translator. The project’s aim is to receive as input a sentence, word or letter, and convert it to morse code, as lights and sounds.

On Wikipedia, you can find the list of morse codes of every letter and number.

We need:

  • a led;
  • a 220 ohm resistence;
  • a piezo

You can easily find these components in every electronics store.

The electrical circuit is very simple. Just connect two Arduino’s digital pin and ground to led and piezo. Put the resistor between led’s anode and ground. This is the circuit scheme:
Schema circuito morse

The circuit should look like this (sorry for the low quality of the image):


So, the hardware is done. Now, let’s talk about the software: we need a sketch that read a list of characters from the serial port, and then convert them into morse code, as electrical impulses sent to the led and the piezo.

This is my implementation.

Once you have loaded the sketch on the board, just open the serial monitor and write something. Arduino will process the characters and then the led will blink and the piezo will ring.

Schermata 2013-02-10 alle 16.08.33

Stay tuned!



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